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Welcome to my journal!  This journal is dedicated to Supernatural discipline fic. All of these stories will have some sort of parental discipline.  I will be posting them periodically. Just to let you know - they are all gen - except for a smattering of het. There is no erotic discipline and nothing stronger PG 15.  There is some AU characters but they will be clearly marked. I write these stories for amusement...there is no money being made.  If you are offended by spankings or corporal punishment then please don't read.  If you do read and enjoy, please let me know.  Feedback is encouraged!

WBY - He's Mine

WBY – He’s Mine

Characters: Dean and Jamie, mentions of Sam, John and River

Genre: Gen – Rating PG 13 for language

Summary: Based on a prompt by Megs246. She referred me to this song, He’s Mine and they said it reminded them of Jamie. Spanking of a teenager, don’t read if it offends. Disclaimer: I own nothing. I just like playing with the boys.

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WBY - The Love of a Girl (part five)

“MOMMA LOOK!” Mandy bounds out of the shallow part of the pond, tiny feet splashing water and pond muck up her tanned legs. Adam breathes a small sigh of relief when Elizabeth makes no comments about her mud-splattered child, as if children and mud just seem to go hand in hand. Mandy runs to Elizabeth all smiles and laughter. Adam’s heart swells just a bit more. Mandy is like sunshine, he figures. Pure and warm and brightening everything around her. She is holding a bewildered looking frog in her hands. She is clutching it around the belly with both hands and it’s long frog legs are dangling and dripping water on Adam and Elizabeth’s bare toes.

“Can I keep him? Pullleeaasee? His name is…” She looks at the frog, “Spot! And he is my best friend ever!”

Elizabeth smiles at Mandy and Adam notice her grin is just as infectious as her daughter’s. She gives a small chuckle; whether it is the state of her ragamuffin or the befuddled frog, Adam has no clue.

“No, Mandy. He’s a pond frog. He can’t come home with us.” Elizabeth leans over though and gives Spot a thorough examination. “I have to admit,” Elizabeth says earnestly, “He does look like a very fine frog.”

“Then let me take him home! He can live in the bathtub and we can feed him flies! ‘Member when that fly got in the house last week! He wouldn’t stand a chance with good ol’ Spot around,” Mandy croons and brings Spot to her face and smooches him expertly on the mouth.

Adam blinks. At least she’s not a girly girl.

“Amanda, do not kiss dirty old frogs, not matter how fine they are,” Elizabeth admonishes gently.

“He’s not a dirty old frog, Momma. He’s Spot and he’s my friend,” Amanda pouts and stamps a bare foot on the ground for emphasis.

“Well, Spot can remain your friend, but I would rather you not kiss him and he also needs to stay here in the pond,” Amanda says firmly.

Mandy’s eyes dart to Adam to intervene. He looks into those baby blues and wants to cave. She should be able to have a frog. Or a pony. Or a tarantula. Or ET. But he is the adult in the situation and Elizabeth is right. He steels himself, shoulders back and answers her.

“I have to go with your mom on this one, kiddo,” Adam says as firmly as Amanda, then softer he says, “His family is here, love. You wouldn’t want to take him from his family would you?”

Mandy scowls, knitting her brows together and pursing her recently frog kissed mouth, “I’m his family now. Spot loves me. Don’t you, Spot?” She kisses him again and Adam watches as Elizabeth grimaces.

The kid is completely adorable.

“You two are meanies!” Mandy says suddenly, blue eyes fierce.

Amanda sighs, “Okay, we are meanies. Spot still stays here.”

“You are worse than meanies! You are…” Amanda struggles for a word that is adequate to describe her feelings. “You are FARTS!”

“Amanda!” Elizabeth’s tone is sharp. “You apologize to Adam and then to me! You will not speak like that to adults. Or to anyone, for that matter!”

“Will not ‘pologize!” Mandy says as she curls Spot to her muddied blouse. The frog waggles his webbed toes, trying to find purchase on Mandy’s shirt.

“That is it Miss Amanda. You take that frog back to the pond. If you can’t behave and use your manners we will leave this instant.” Elizabeth stands and points toward the pond. Mandy turns with a huff and flounces then heads to the pond determinedly, stomping her feet as loudly as she can in the sand. Spot swings a little in her grasp and croaks at the impromptu froggy ride, his legs swaying from side to side as she crashes her way toward the pond. The stomping continues but becomes splashing as she hits the water’s edge.

Adam moves his gaze from Mandy and glances at Jamie and River. They have migrated to the raft and are quietly talking, feet trailing in the water. They aren’t too far away and they are resolutely ignoring the situation going on at the water’s edge.

It’s obvious that Mandy is in trouble though because both boys had turned toward Elizabeth’s voice. The mom voice and even though neither boy has heard it often, they know it. Mrs. B has used it on more than one occasion and it typically does not have good results.

Adam doesn’t move from the bench, this is Elizabeth’s issue and he can’t help but grin as the tiny figure of Mandy clomps into the shallow end of the pond, frog in hand. She hits the boundary that has been pre-determined as okay for her to splash in.

Then keeps right on going, up to her knees. She turns quickly and glares at her mother and takes another two steps. The water licks her shorts and then…

Both Jamie and River are diving in and Adam is rushing into the pond.

The gentle slope, so much fun for little ones to play in, drops off right precisely where Mandy is and her last marching step puts her in water over her head.

She sinks like a rock.

The boys are good swimmers and the pond isn’t that large but Adam is faster. He splashes into the pond, marking the spot she went under, dives down and pulls her up to the surface. Mandy clings to him coughing and sputtering.

“Spot ran away!” She cries. She twists in his arms looking for the wayward frog.

The whole episode takes less then 20 seconds from the time she went under to the time she is safe in Adam’s arms.

Elizabeth is still stunned. One second Mandy was there and the next she was gone!

Why didn’t they tell her the sand dropped off like that!

Elizabeth had run toward the water but only managed to get her toes by the time Adam had already brought Mandy up. Jamie and River are close behind him. All of them had managed to make it to her child before she did.

“Oh my God, MANDY!” Elizabeth’s voice tremors and even though Mandy is safe in his arms, the sound of it spikes Adam’s blood pressure. The warning klaxons ring in his head. Elizabeth’s terror grips him like a Harpy’s claws. In the span of a heartbeat he vows never to hear Elizabeth sound like that again.

Adam hands Mandy off to her frantic mother but Mandy is having none of it.

“SPOT!” She yells trying to twist out of her mother’s arms. A well-placed kick causes Elizabeth to drop Mandy in the shallow water; she lands on her butt with a plop and scrambles to her feet and runs back into the pond!

Where Adam deftly scoops her up with one arm.

“Mandy,” Adam says quietly, “Settle down. Spot is fine.”

“I want SPOT!” She kicks Adam too, but Adam has held squirmier things than a six year old and although the kick is right in the balls, he merely grunts and simply tightens his grasp. Her head is toward the pond and her legs and feet toward the shore. She is a football he thinks, a wiggly kicking football that has no intention of giving up her frog without a fight.

Jamie and River are just looking at sweet, adorable, almost drowned Mandy. They both have identical expressions of horror.

“Ms. Elizabeth,” River says, “I’m so sorry, that’s the second time today Mandy got hurt while I was watching her!”

Elizabeth turns slightly puzzled, thoughts a bee stings so far from her mind that it takes her a moment to remember.

Jamie looks hang-dogged as well, “Me too, sorry,” he murmurs, his face blushing red.

Elizabeth just stands there in the water, watching Mandy kick and yell and then looks at the two boys who appear as if they have been kicked in the balls instead of their uncle. She takes a deep breath.

“No need to worry boys, I was watching her. She is my responsibility.” She has regained her composure now that Mandy is safe, if not happy in Adam’s strong grip, “And you may call me Elizabeth, if you like. It’s not necessary to call me Ms. Elizabeth.”

‘Yes, ma’am,” they both say.

Adam is carrying Mandy back to the shore, she is still yelling about Spot, still thrashing around but it is ineffectual. She can’t really kick Adam anymore and she is tiring quickly. She weighs close to nothing and Adam holds her easily one armed.

Adam stops next to Elizabeth, still holding Mandy firmly.

“You two can go back to swimming if you want.” Adam says, his voice slightly raised over Mandy’s cries.

Jamie looks at River and they both shrug. The grownups have it under control.


But in any case, they would prefer to be in the water to watching whatever might be going down. They both turn away from the bank, take a running step or two then hit deep water, swimming strongly back to the raft. Adam watches as they go, once again impressed with his nephews.

Adam flips Mandy up on his hip. She can kick now if she wants but she doesn’t she just cries and buries her face in his t-shirt.

“If I put you down are you going to run back into the pond?” he asks.

Mandy shakes her head.

“Need to hear it, kiddo.”

Mandy mumbles a soft “No.” into his shirt.

He puts Mandy down and she runs to her mother, “Momma!” she sobs and Elizabeth picks her up and walks her over to the bench and sits where Mandy curls into her lap. Adam follows and sits down next to them both.

His jeans are squishy and wet and his shirt is plastered to his chest. It’s uncomfortable, plus he’s pretty sure there is Mandy snot on him. There is water in his ear, an irritation at most but it annoys him mightily. His balls though? They ache. Not the kind of pain that makes a guy vomit, but it is enough to be more than unpleasant. He’s thankful Mandy’s feet are small and that she hadn’t been wearing shoes. But he says nothing just sits there on the bench next to Elizabeth as Mandy cries into her mother’s shoulder. She isn’t bawling anymore, just quick little sniffles and an occasional hiccup.

They sit quietly, just the three of them and Adam soon notices that Mandy is no longer crying at all, she’s sound asleep making little snuffling noises.

Elizabeth turns to Adam.

“Thank you again. I suppose I need to re-think your ideas on teaching her to swim.”

She smiles softly at Adam.

Adam doesn’t say anything just nods.

“I am truly sorry for Mandy’s behavior. She’s exhausted, it’s been a very long day for her and between the cookout, the new friends, the pond, the dog, the bee sting, Spot, I think she just had a melt down.” Elizabeth brushes the sleeping child’s hair, it’s wet, like all of Mandy but Mandy doesn’t stir. She breathes deep and regular, her body nestled in her mother’s arms.

“I do wish you had told me the pond dropped off like that, though.” Elizabeth adds almost as an afterthought.

Adam tilts his head, he knows he looks like the RCA dog but it can’t be helped.

“Me tell you that the pond dropped off? Why?”

“If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have allowed Mandy to play there,” Elizabeth says with a hint of irritation.

“Why does that matter?” Adam asks, truthfully confused.

“Because she could have drowned,” Elizabeth says, with just an edge to her voice. She changes her tone a bit, softer and quieter, “That being said, I am very grateful you were there to get her.”

“Didn’t you tell her not to go even as far as her knees? Wasn’t she supposed to just stay ankle deep at the shore?”

“Well, yes but…”

Adam interrupts, “And she didn’t did she? When she couldn’t have the frog she got mad and stomped out to the area she was warned not to go. Why should it matter if the water was deep past the area she was supposed to stay in? If you knew it was deep there or if I knew it was deep there is irrelevant- Mandy knew she wasn’t supposed to go in the water up to her knees.”

“True, but she is a little girl and she sometimes forgets.” Elizabeth explains as if Adam is mentally challenged monkey.

“That’s not it at all, Elizabeth. She didn’t forget, she’s been playing there for an hour. She was mad because she couldn’t get what she wanted so she was going to disobey you and go out to where it was forbidden for her to go.”

The logic that is so clear to Adam that he finds it hard to even explain it to Elizabeth.

“She ignored the rule because she was angry,” Adam tries again.

“Because she is tired,” Elizabeth protests.

“She could be dead, Elizabeth,” Adam’s voice is incredulous.

“Don’t you think I know that?” Elizabeth snaps.

“Well, I’m not so sure. Mandy disobeys you, walks out into the deep end, almost drowns, kicks you hard enough that you drop her, kicks me in the balls, and then curls up on your lap and goes to sleep. I don’t get it.”

“Well, what do you propose I do? Wake her up and throw her back in the pond to force her to learn to swim?” Elizabeth’s voice is low and hushed; she doesn’t want to wake up Mandy. She frowns at Adam and her eyes blaze.

“No, Jesus, no, of course not.”

“Well- what do you propose?” Elizabeth challenges.

“Spank her.”

“WHAT?” Elizabeth doesn’t really yell but it is loud enough that Mandy stirs, snuffles once and then flutters her eyelashes. Convinced she is safe with her momma she drifts off to sleep again.

“Spank her,” Adam says again.

“I will do no such thing! How could anyone spank a child? Why on earth would anyone think that is acceptable behavior?”

“Not any less acceptable than running out into a pond and almost drowning.” Adam retorts. His voice is calm and steady, despite the argument and lingering thoughts on Mandy’s behavior.

“I do not hit my baby, Adam Winchester. How can you suggest such an antiquated approach to parenting? Mandy knows only love, self expression and gentle correction.”

“Gentle correction? Like what?” Adam is really kind of baffled. It’s true, his mother never really spanked him and he never liked it when his father had but there are times when it seems that a good spanking leaves a lasting impression and death by drowning seems to be as good a time as any to make sure that Mandy doesn’t do it again.

Elizabeth’s voice is quiet and cultured when she replies.

“Well, we talk about behavior, about what is expected of her and morals and truthfulness and decorum. She is quite aware of what and how I expect her to act.”

“And if she doesn’t?” Adam queries.

“Then we go back to the drawing board. Positive reinforcement when she does something well and when she doesn’t we talk about how it was wrong and why she shouldn’t do it again.”

“Does it work?”

“Mostly. I think I have a well-adjusted, happy and carefree child. She cares about others; she tries to do the right thing. She is only six, Adam! There is only so much she can be expected to know.”

Adam looks out over the pond where the boys are shoving and pushing each other off the raft.

“What about stealing? Is that a spank worthy offense?”

“Mandy does not STEAL.” Elizabeth pulls her arms around the sleeping child a little more protectively.

“She was stealing when I met her, taking candy from the candy bin at the store.”

“That’s not stealing! She saw something she wanted and she helped herself. All children take candy from those displays. They don’t understand it’s not free. I mean- it seems free to them, all loose and easy access. That doesn’t mean she’s a thief!”

“You’re right, kids do it all the time. It doesn’t mean that they are on the road to a life of crime but it is still stealing and they need to be told that the candy is not theirs to eat. And let’s be truthful, Elizabeth. Mandy is a smart kid. She knew that wasn’t her candy.”

Elizabeth doesn’t seem to have a rejoinder to Adam’s logic.

She breathes deeply, centering herself, “Well, that may be so, but hitting a child just teaches a child to hit. There is a lot of research out there that proves that spanking does nothing to correct poor behavior.”

“Well, I would beg to differ on that. I personally know, unequivocally that spanking does deter poor behavior. It’s not always the right choice and it’s not always necessary but sometimes it is. And as a boy who spent more than a time or two over my father’s knees, it truly does make a kid think twice about doing the same thing again.”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened a bit, “John spanked you?”

Adam chuckles low, eyes bright with memory.

“Oh, you better believe it! And Sam and Dean and Jamie and River. I suppose if he thought I was too big for my britches he might just do it again, even at my age.”

Elizabeth gasps, “Seriously?”

Adam snorts Winchester-like, “Well, maybe not, but maybe so and I have no interest in pushing that particular issue.”

Listen, Elizabeth. Mandy is your daughter; I have no right to interfere. And I think she is a great kid.”

He looks over at the sleeping child and once again is filled with love for a little girl he just met.

“It’s just that, she scared me today. If I hadn’t been as quick as I was, well, I suppose the boys would have gotten her. Or you maybe, you were right there but what if she wandered over to the pond while we were doing something else.”

He holds up a hand to ward off her protests.

“I know, I know, you would never let that happen, but the truth is, kids do stuff like that all the time. Especially bright, inquisitive kids like Mandy. You have to handle her the way you think is best. I’ll not judge you and I have no right to anyway. Just please, please, make sure she understands how terrible this could have been. I can’t even begin to think of what might have happened.” He takes a deep breath, as if he is not used to talking so long and so seriously.

Adam leans over and takes Elizabeth’s free hand in his.

“Elizabeth, I am truly so glad to have met you. You and Mandy both. I hope you understand that I am just concerned. A concerned outsider to be sure but that is something I would like to change.”

Elizabeth drops her head and Adam gently touches her chin, lifting it so he can meet her eyes,

“Elizabeth, I really hope that I can see you and Mandy again. I hope you don’t hold today against me or my family. I just feel so, so caught up in all this and you and it feels so right and” his voice trails off and he just can’t think of anything else to say.

Elizabeth leans over and kisses Adam, her lips warm and soft and inviting. She kisses him hungrily and he responds in kind, pulling both she and Mandy in close. Elizabeth smells faintly of BBQ ribs and honey and it is the most wonderful scent Adam has ever known.

Elizabeth meets his eyes, “Adam Winchester, I don’t get it either but I don’t plan on letting you go anytime soon.”

“Good,” he says.